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Our purpose to prove trust and reliability of NGOs and Aid projects 

Our Story

GoalHUB is an international initiative of NGO experts and business developers who are working on the global level. We started by a testing idea in World Government Summit 2017 (Dubai), refine it with the help of UN level experts, reshaped it to the needs of society. More..

Our Vision

The Platform where you could get all the information about NGOs, their social impact, activates, members.

Donors, be sure that the funds were spent on purpose they were given. NGOs could find the right partners from foreign countries. More..


GoalHUB is based on Blockchain and is empowered by AI. These technologies open new opportunities to adopt tools for organizations that initially were created for enterprises. In 2020 we will present a database of verified NGOs, video-conferencing, and a platform for Crowdsourcing.

Who are we

How it works

Self Sovereign Digital Identity

GoalHUB is focusing on presenting the decentralized approach to identity management for NGOs. Our solution makes it possible for known, trusted organizations to verify and validate other NGOs. In turn, this digital ID serves as a trusted authentification method within GoalHUB ecosystem.

AI-driven compliance

Fully integrated AI-powered GDPR, AML and global KYC in order to bring workflow control, greater transparency, better data quality, and significant cost reductions for NGOs working with SDG actions.

How it works
 The Paris Peace Forum

Selected among 700 world initiatives to be showcased in the Space for Solutions at the Paris Peace Forum

Contact us

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Tel: +370 612 83971

Aukstaiciu str. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania

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